She squats bro!

Have noticed how popular squats have become? Sure, the benefits of squats for developing defined glutes has been around forever, but have you noticed how whether or not a woman squats has almost become another standard for being sex-able? I say sex-able instead of sexy, because sex-able means what is perceived as being bang-able, do-able, tap-able…sex-able. Sexy does not automatically equate to the same terms.

Ok, back to my point. “She Squats Bro” ( to me) feels like a guy taking the power away from the woman who is working to fulfill HER own personal set of goals and turning it into something that’s done only to attract the opposite sex. What’s even more disturbing to me is the impressionable minds who are eager to adopt this thinking… can’t work out and lose those video vixen curves right? So instead, focus only on creating the biggest and roundest derriere that you can because…because… why?

If squats are what a woman has decided to concentrate on because her body is disproportioned or because she competing or for ANY reason that stems from her own healthy desire – then I’m all for it. Its when numerous of pictures are posted and spread around showing women who have dedicated so much time and energy on creating the best versions of themselves and all you see in the comments are “ She Squats Bro”…well then I wonder. Yeah, she squats bro, but she also lifts, benches, snatches, curls and a whole lot of other things.

You’re fit Sis. Fist bumps !


  1. I understand where you’re coming from, but to me, it’s a way of saying she can definitely handle her own! && It’s the lady version of “Bro, do you even lift.” ..The equivalent to a guy going to the gym but only doing curls & bench press is the same as a woman goin to the gym but only hitting the tredmill………If she squats, she lifts & that’s BadAss!

  2. Agreed. To me a movement. Like hey fit chicks are in! We lift and therefore that makes us bad ass!!

    It is a movement. :)

  3. First, in response to what you wrote, I definitely think you’re on to something. Keeping women sexy is one part of keeping women women–and not equals. This makes men a whole lot less nervous. Remarking on how sexy/hot/still female a woman is marks their nervousness. I even got a chaste version of this from my older male relatives this week when I saw them at a family occasion after many years. The bf agreed: “It made them nervous when you said something smart so every time you did they had to make a comment about how women always know things, even though your comments had nothing to do with some kind of ‘female’ perspective.” If the bf made a comment then they would just reply to the comment, keeping the conversation about the content and not about the person speaking.

    Remarking on the ass especially is completely a way of saying, let’s keep that “sex”-ability (I used another word beginning with F but i think you are a more polite person than I am, and also you are starting your own site and would probably appreciate keeping it cleaner) right in the center of this. Which is a way of saying, “I am the kind of person who does the “sex”ing (effing) and you are the kind who has it done to you, you are an object still and not in competition with me, not the same kind of person I am.” This business of reminding you that you are a woman is also the basis of a lot of workplace sexual harassment that is of the kind that says, “You are a female, you exist to have this act done to you, and I will remind you of this over and over lest you think you are here as an equal.” (This is different from the kind of harassment that is about getting someone to perform a sex act.) You are definitely on to something there. I’m not saying it’s not ok to find a woman sexy, but rather keeping the conversation on the butt is about keeping a strong woman reduced only to her butt and her “sex”ability. It’s about keeping women in their own category and making them not a threat for the kind of men who need to feel stronger than women for some reason. (That’s a pretty weak man, in my book.)

    In the case with my older relatives, by constantly replying to everything I say with a remark that says only something about women and not about the content of what I said, they don’t have to engage my words in the conversation simply as words they can put them in a little box that puts them outside the conversation. It’s less about the question of “sex”ability but about not knowing how to engage me as an equal in conversation. I think these are related phenomena, and the squat remark just uses “Aren’t you sexy!” rather than the “Aren’t women something/cute!” my relatives were going with.

    Second point I want to make is about squats more broadly: I’m a long distance runner and can’t do squats! My knees simply cannot handle it and cannot handle leg presses either. HOWEVER, long distance cycling has definitely given me some glutes for my skinny frame. This does not tax the knees at all and is fabulous cardio and among the best cross-training for running. Squatting is not the only way!

  4. My wife is a short petite long distance runner who squats, runs marathons, and cycles. People are often commenting on her legs and the other squat induced region. She lifts, benches, curls, you name it.