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Welcome to Ripped Goddess!

This site is about every person who knows the struggles and the joys of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. We celebrate fitness and we support each other as work toward our goals.

If you’re passionate about leading a fit and positive lifestyle and in having a little fun now and then – then you’ll like this website. It’s a journey best traveled with people of common interests. Let’s do this together!

Aspire To Inspire…

  1. Interview with Alicia Marie

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    Name: ALICIA MARIE Age: 117 years old Occupation/Affiliations: Author/Fitness Model/Producer Family/Relationship Status: engaged When and where did your love for fitness begin? I was … maybe 7 or 8 years old, fourth grade. My mother used to take an exercise class at the local ‘Y’ and I begged her to...
  2. Move of the week with ~RG Jayme

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    Split lunge off bench with bicep curl Short tutorial on how to perform a split lunge (also known as a Bulgarian split squat) on bench with a bicep curl by A.C.E. certified personal trainer Jayme Bales. This move targets the hamstrings, quads, glutes, core and biceps.
  3. Interview with Emmanuelle Ethier

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    Name: Emmanuelle Ethier Age: 30 Occupation/Affiliations: Correctional Officer/WBFF Competitor Family/Relationship Status: In a relationship When and where did your love for fitness begin? I grew up athletic! When I was in high school I played on an AAA basketball league and attended a special school for athletes. I enjoy muay...

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